Case Study: Installation of Titanic Exhibition Exteriors at National Harbor

Day & Night were tasked with printing and installing exterior artwork for the Titanic Exhibition at the National Harbor in Maryland.

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The National Harbor in Maryland is currently buzzing with excitement as it recently opened the highly anticipated Titanic Exhibition – a captivating and immersive journey back in time to revisit one of history’s most tragic maritime events. The grand opening drew visitors from near and far, all eager to explore the artifacts, stories, and mysteries surrounding the ill-fated RMS Titanic.

Behind the scenes, the logistics of bringing this historical spectacle to life involved meticulous planning and execution. Day & Night were tasked with printing and fitting all 241 exterior windows of the exhibition building with graphics, and we embarked on a comprehensive process to ensure the promotional materials not only enticed visitors but also created near-blackout conditions inside for an optimal experience.

The first step involved a detailed visit to the exhibition space to measure all 241 windows, presenting some unique shapes and sizes for the desired custom large format graphics. Once armed with these measurements, the team received the intricate art and mockups for each individual pane, a visual puzzle that would soon come together to envelop the entire building in a Titanic-themed spectacle.

Printing proved to be a labor-intensive process utilizing an HP Latex Printer with 3M Window Vinyl – each of the 241 graphics were meticulously printed separately over three days, including a full Saturday, dedication that ultimately paid off in the stunning visual cohesion of the final display.

For history enthusiasts and Titanic aficionados, the Titanic Exhibition at the National Harbor provides a unique opportunity to delve into the ship’s history and legacy. It serves as a poignant reminder of the human lives affected by the disaster, paying homage to the heroes and victims of that fateful night in April 1912. Day & Night takes pride in its integral role in bringing this significant Titanic exhibition to life. The exhibition is a testament to the collaborative efforts that made it possible, with Day & Night contributing to the visual allure that enhances the overall experience. 

For those eager to step into history’s shoes, the Titanic Exhibition at the National Harbor will be open until January 7th, 2024. Tickets are available for purchase, providing an opportunity to witness this immersive journey through a pivotal moment in maritime history. To catch a glimpse of what awaits, a teaser of the experience can be viewed here, enticing visitors to embark on a voyage back in time, to the unforgettable tale of the RMS Titanic.

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